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Board of Education At-Large

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Lenora Shipp

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Monty Witherspoon

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Liz Monterrey



Endorsements reflect consensus of County Democratic Executive Committee

in support of candidates who best represent party platform.

Charlotte, NC (October 5, 2023) – The Mecklenburg County Democratic Party is excited to announce its endorsement of candidates Liz Monterrey, Lenora Shipp and Monty Witherspoon for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education in the November 2023 election. These endorsements are the culmination of an enhanced candidate vetting process recently introduced to assist voters in assessing democratic candidates' views against the party platform and their leadership experience.

“In today’s political environment, it can be difficult at times for voters to discern the true views and policy positions of the candidates they are choosing between. Voters often don’t have the time or resources to research the candidates’ financial backing and political ties outside of their professed party affiliation, and don’t always have as much information as they would like about candidates’ positions on key issues,” said Drew Kromer, Chair of the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party. “By making endorsements in this race, we are helping to affirm the candidates’ commitment to the Democratic ideals that will move our county forward.”

As part of this enhanced due diligence process, all 11 Democratic candidates for school board were invited to complete a candidate profile to be reviewed by the county’s executive committee. Only seven candidates chose to participate. Participants then engaged in a discussion of policy at a candidate forum, followed by a ranked-choice vote to determine the recipients of the Party’s endorsement. 

Ms. Monterrey is a proponent of public education, a neighborhood advocate, and a future CMS parent who holds an MBA. A member of the Latinx community and an LGBTQ+ ally, her focus is on improving student outcomes, building community, and advocating for educators. If elected, Ms. Monterrey would be the first member of the Latinx community elected to the CMS Board of Education, where 30% of the student body is Hispanic.

An incumbent member of the Board, Ms. Shipp is a former educator and principal, a parent, and a CMS graduate herself. Her focus is on school safety, educational equity, early learning and pre-K programs, and parent/community engagement, as well as advocating for educators, faculty, and staff. 

Dr. Witherspoon is also a CMS graduate, as well as a parent to a current CMS kindergartner. His top issues include support for teachers, student achievement, safe learning environments, strong community coalitions, and system-wide accountability and transparency. 

“Ms. Monterrey, Ms. Shipp, and Dr. Witherspoon represent the strong ideals North Carolina Democrats want reflected in our school board leadership,” said Julia Buckner, Executive Director, Mecklenburg County Democrats. “They have the full confidence of our Party to act with good faith and integrity in the interests of Charlotte-Mecklenburg students, parents, and educators.” 

In addition to endorsing Ms. Monterrey, Ms. Shipp, and Dr. Witherspoon, the Party also endorsed the passing of the 2023 school bond referendum. 


About the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party

The Mecklenburg County Democratic Party represents more than 320,000 Democrats, as well as the interests of all county residents and of democracy in our state. The Party believes in ensuring equal protections for all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and economic status. Democrats believe in investing in our public education system, supporting our teachers, and standing up for access to quality education for all children. Democrats believe in preserving our environment and ensuring access to clean air and water. ​Democrats believe in equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage, and support the creation of quality jobs. Democrats support a fundamental belief of providing access to health care for all. Democrats are the party of progress. Together we will build a stronger tomorrow. Join us at

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